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The Edinburgh International Film Festival is hosting a symposium called Project: New Cinephilia. The event — a conversation about cinephilia,

Costume and Cinema

Of the many elements that comprise mise-en-scene — including actors, setting, decor, objects and props, lighting, color, and so on

Hindi Popular Cinema

I’m going to hazard a guess that many of the super-cinephiles and critics I respect most — like Jonathan Rosenbaum,

Adieu Philippine: Mise-en-scène de la jeunesse

“Men are dangerous at forty: at that age they get sentimental.” — One teen to another in “Adieu Philippine”. Cinematheque

Strombolian Films

I’m curious to hear about your experiences with films that you weren’t ready for when you first encountered them–films that

On Auteurism

I’ve had a couple of different trains of thought running through my head lately; let me draw them together in

Nicole Brenez on Experimental Cinema

Fergus Daly’s documentary on avant-garde cinema, Experimental Conversations (2006), prominently features Nicole Brenez. I have transcribed all her comments, and

Richness, Intensity and Gesture: An Interview with Adrian Martin

A word of thanks to Adrian for this fun and meaty guest post on film criticism and film culture. The


A terrific show last weekend: Michael Snow came to town to screen three recent films/videos and talk about them. The

Abbas Kiarostami’s Early Films

Last weekend, at MoMA, I caught about a dozen early—and rare—films by Abbas Kiarostami. I saw these films with Zach