People’s Platforms: 3 Streaming Projects

On 3 activist-minded, grassroots streaming projects that were launched during the pandemic

Indigenous Cinema and the Limits of Auteurism

For Criterion: Why auteurism may not be the best way to appreciate Indigenous cinema.

Arab Feminist Cinema

A striking Arab feminist film series, full of rarities from the past, is being hosted this month by the Block

A Cinema of Sensation: Beau Travail

I have written the liner essay for Criterion’s release of Claire Denis’ Beau Travail (1999). Here is an excerpt: Most

Coronavirus and New Forms of Cinematic Event

Here is an excerpt of a short piece I wrote for In Media Res: The best-known accounts of twentieth-century cinephilia

Rethinking Film Evaluation

The politics of film evaluation — and how it has historically marginalized women filmmakers.

Hidden Histories: The Story of Women Film Editors

I’ve written an essay for Criterion on women film editors. It was inspired by Su Friedrich’s website, Edited By, a

TIFF 2019: “One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk”

At a time in film culture when auteurism continues to be dominant, and work by Indigenous filmmakers continues to be

TIFF 2019: “The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open”

I’ve seen no better new film this year than the Canadian drama The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open,

TIFF 2019: The Round-Up

Best-of-Fest: Collective (Alexander Nanau, Romania) Portrait of a Lady on Fire (CĂ©line Sciamma, France) One Day in the Life of