Ecosystems: From Sable Island to Documentary Platforms

On experimental documentary and a visit to Hot Docs, Toronto

On Reenactment in Nonfiction Film

On documentary reenactment for Film Comment

Ratcatcher: A Flashlight Cinema

For Criterion: liner essay on “Ratcatcher” (Lynne Ramsay, 1999)

The Nomadic Cinephilia of Ruun Nuur

For Framework Journal of Film and Media: on the visionary film-cultural work of Ruun Nuur.

2021 Faves: A Round-up

The year’s favorites in films/TV.

Subjunctive Cinema

For Film Quarterly Quorum: on the cinema of futurity at IDFA (International Film Festival Amsterdam).

People’s Platforms: 3 Streaming Projects

For Film Quarterly Quorum: on 3 activist-minded, grassroots streaming projects.

Indigenous Cinema and the Limits of Auteurism

For Criterion: Why auteurism may not be the best way to appreciate Indigenous cinema.

Arab Feminist Cinema

On a film series by Block Cinema in Chicago.

A Cinema of Sensation: Beau Travail

For Criterion: liner essay for dvd/blu-ray of “Beau Travail” (Claire Denis, 1999).