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Online Program Notes

I’ve embarked on a small project: to add to my blogroll a new category of links to film screening venues

On “Room 237”, Criticism and Theory

Jonathan Rosenbaum and I caught a screening of the documentary Room 237 in Toronto, but we had to dash off

Film Studies and Canon Building

The air is filled with the sound of canons! The world of journalistic/cinephile film culture is astir with discussion and

Criticism and Context; Jia Zhangke

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Movie Mutations project is that it brought together a number of film


Adrian Martin and I are excited to announce the launch of our new Internet film journal LOLA. We’ve worked steadily


The Edinburgh International Film Festival is hosting a symposium called Project: New Cinephilia. The event — a conversation about cinephilia,

Building A Large Conversation

In his book-length essay What Happened to Art Criticism? (2003), James Elkins surveys the last 50 years of the field.

Strombolian Films

I’m curious to hear about your experiences with films that you weren’t ready for when you first encountered them–films that

On Auteurism

I’ve had a couple of different trains of thought running through my head lately; let me draw them together in

Richness, Intensity and Gesture: An Interview with Adrian Martin

A word of thanks to Adrian for this fun and meaty guest post on film criticism and film culture. The